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System monitoring and administration is a critical aspect to the successful operation of many businesses.  Today most businesses rely on mission critical business applications that reside on company servers.  For many businesses the cost associated with monitoring and administering these systems is extensive. 

EAGNATEC can help to minimize these costs by providing system monitoring and administration services on a part-time or full-time basis.  We will work with you and your organization to develop an effective strategy for monitoring and administering  your mission critical systems whether they be Windows NT/2000 or Unix based servers.  We will formulate a plan that meets your business requirements to ensure that your mission critical servers are operating at their highest capabilities and are protected from unplanned system 'down-time'.  In addition, we can develop a backup/recovery plan to protect your company data in the event of system failure resulting in data loss.  

EAGNATEC provides the following system monitoring and administration services:

System Monitoring and Administration Assessment-Many companies are not sure of the vulnerabilities that exist with respect to their mission critical business servers. EAGNATEC can provide a System Monitoring and Administration Assessment that will identify potential problem areas or weaknesses that exist.  Examples of potential problem areas may include, but are not limited to, login security and system back-up/recovery procedures.

Part-time or Full-time Monitoring and Administration Solutions-I EAGNATEC will work with you to customize a system monitoring and administration solution that meets your business's specific requirements.  Your company's needs will vary depending on, among other things, the number of internal IT resources that are available, the criticality of your company's data and business operations, and recent historical system performance.