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Custom Database Development and Migration Experience

Daily Scheduling System
Customer: MPSEB (India), Electricity Board Madhya Pradesh.
Challenge: Eagnatec has developed for the client a production scheduling system to support the planner in the daily scheduling process (daily production planning). Initially the system was aimed to be used only locally on Indian plant, thus MS SQL Server was chosen as a system DB. Further the system, developed by Eagnatec, proved its efficiency and the customer decided to distribute the solution internationally. But the majority of customer's plants are using Oracle as DB server, thus migration was required.
Solution: Eagnatec, using its know-how migration solution, has successfully completed migration of 500 MB DB. Eagnatec not only performed migration, but also ensured high quality results review and codes validation, as well as optimization and reorganization. Migration itself took only 2 days, thus letting the team focus on their core work.
Results: Substantial time and efforts savings were achieved thanks to the used approach. The system is planned to be shortly installed on customer's plants in India.

Database and Application Migration from MS SQL Server 2000 into Oracle 9i

Challenge: Application migration from MS SQL Server database to Oracle 9i database. Subjects for migration: database structure, database code of stored procedures, data and application code.
Solution: Migrated application is a pure client-server application with a lot of business rules implemented on database side in stored procedures. So we had to migrate not only database structures, data and application, but also a lot of database code. Our highly skilled PL/SQL developers have migrated stored procedures' code using the 3rd part code migration utility and tune it on the Oracle side. Near 30 additional PL/SQL packages were developed as well. Within the project we have also successfully migrated database structure and data. At first, data was exported into plain text files and than imported into the Oracle database using SQL Loader utility.
Results: Universal data filtration solution on database side was also developed for this project. This solution is based on Oracle Dynamic SQL technology and allows application to filter database data with complicated conditions on any table column.
Technologies and tools: MS SQL 2000, Oracle 9i, .NET, PL-SQL, T-SQL

Data Migration

Customer had two versions of database: production and development. There was a big difference between these two databases in database structure and stored procedures. The customer wanted to migrate data from development database to previously updated production database.
Solution: At first glance task seemed quite simple, but the challenge was that the database structures (hundreds of tables) were quite heterogeneous and that some of data existed in both databases. We developed universal data migration solution that allows merging data from one database with data from another database. The restriction was that database structures should be the same version.
Results: Final solution consists of a command file and SQL scripts which could be run by one press.
Technologies and tools: PL-SQL, SQL Plus, Oracle 9i

Archiving Solution

Challenge: Develop solution, which will archive all data from Live database into Archiving database and delete some of the previously archived data which is older than current date minus value specified in Archive Period setting. Archiving database should be available in read only mode for reporting purposes.
Solution: We used MS SQL Transactional Replication for real-time archiving process and developed T-SQL stored procedure for old data deletion. Stored procedure is executed on schedule specified for MS SQL Server 2000 Job.
Results: Our customer was provided with fully completed solution consisted of developed software, installation and users guides.
Technologies and tools: MS SQL Server 2000, MS SQL Transactional Replication and T-SQL

Disaster Recovery Solution

Challenge: Design and develop Disaster Recovery solution for a local site application's users. In normal mode application works with central MS SQL Server 2000 database, but if for any reasons this database is unavailable, user may switch to up to date local MSDE database and work with it. After recovering of the central database new data from local site MSDE databases should be inserted into the central database.
Solution: All data modifications from the central database spread into local site's MSDE databases using MS SQL Server Snapshot Replication. For inserting new data from local databases into the central database we developed stored procedure, which sends new data from local database into the central database via Linked Servers connection. This procedure could be run on schedule or on demand.
Technologies and tools: MS SQL Server 2000, MSDE, MS SQL Snapshot Replication, Linked Servers and T-SQL

System Response Increase

Challenge: Our customer has very low system response due to huge amount of data in Oracle database. Their system collected more than 6 gigabytes of data monthly, so every month their application has been becoming slower and slower.
Solution: We have analyzed customer's data and suggested two-step solution. First step was denormalization of some tables' structure and rewriting the application query according with new database structure. Implementation of this step increased system performance twice holds. Second step was tables partitioning which has allowed us to improve system response extremely. Results: It takes now seconds to execute queries that had taken hours before.
Technologies and tools: Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle Partitioning

Data Migration from Flat Text Files into Oracle Database

Challenge: Our customer has a huge amount (near 200 gigabytes) of data in flat text files and wanted us to migrate those data into Oracle database.
Solution: Eagnatec designed and developed a database structure for customer data warehouse. We connected flat files with text data in Oracle database so we were able to query necessary data from these text files using SQL. Then we have developed migration packages on PL/SQL and load all the information into customer's database.
Results: Our customer continues to load such text files into Oracle database via our solution.
Technologies and tools: Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, SQL Loader, external tables, PL/SQL

Daylight Saving Time 2007 Patch

Challenge: Apply necessary patches on customer's Oracle databases and test functionality of developed software. Daylight saving time changes were critical to customer software because it works with UTC time converted from local time by Oracle database and after March 11th 2007 it will cause errors.
Results: Our experienced administrators successfully completed this project by applying all necessary patches on customer's databases.
Technologies and tools: Oracle 10g

News Storage

Challenge: Design and develop database structure for news storage. Our customer is getting news from a news provider and wants to store it in Oracle database. Also customer wants to develop search engine for stored news and catalogue them.
Solution: We designed and developed database structure storing news as text in CLOB columns. Oracle Text was used as base technology for search engine development. Oracle Text provides us with necessary API and very functional context and ctxcat indexes.
Results: Our client get powerful search engine on text database fields implemented in PL/SQL packages. Customer was totally satisfied with developed solution.
Technologies and tools: Oracle 10g, Oracle Text, PL/SQL

Load Tool

Challenge: Customer wanted to develop utility which would load files from server file system to database. Files should be loaded from the same server where database is installed. This restriction was specified because loading solution should have been written on PL/SQL only.
Solution: We developed PL/SQL packages which load files into database using Oracle UTL API. It is the fastest loading solution comparing with loading BLOB data into database from JAVA or .NET applications developed by our company.
Technologies and tools: Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, UTL API

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